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A number of local Churches Together groups meet within Cambridgeshire. Each group is autonomous, and has its own history, shaped by the place and people who form it. Some are called "Churches Together," others "Christians Together," and still others go by unique names to their area. 

Common activities include services and discussion groups, conferences and events, and a wide variety of ways in which service is offered to the local community (e.g., food banks, street pastors, youth work, lunch clubs, festivals, night shelters, chaplaincy, etc). Your local community can inspire others, so please share your good news stories.  

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"Churches Together in Royston & District" written in fancy script

Churches Together in Royston and District

Churches Together in Royston and District are a group of local churches in and around Royston. They work together with a commitment to be united in Christ and deepen their communication with God and with their brothers and sisters in Christ.

Their objectives are to promote activity between all churches in the area and to promote and publicise Christian activities on a district basis.

More details of the organisation can be found on the CT Royston & District website.  

Churches Together in St Ives

Churches Together in St Ives have been in existence for over 50 years, having first come together in 1967. Today they have representation from clergy and laity from seven churches in and around St. Ives. 

More details of the organisation can be found on the Churches Together in St. Ives website.  

"50 Years" encircled by the words "Churches Together 1967 - 2017" and "Golden Jubilee"
A cross inlaid with red, green, purple and orange squares, the logo of Wisbech Churches Together

Wisbech Churches Together

Wisbech Churches Together is a fellowship of churches covering Wisbech and the surrounding area. As well as its member churches, it includes a number of organisations that are associated to the group. These include Kairos Prison Ministries International, Oasis Christian Bookshop, The Ferry Project and the Wisbech Foodbank.

They seek to Promote Unity, Celebrate Diversity and Share Jesus.

Visit the CT Wisbech Facebook page for regularly updates.

District Council Gatherings

Churches Together in Cambridgeshire is working with the Gather Movement to build county-wide mission strategies. We are bringing together local church leaders in each of the district council areas: 

If you'd like to be involved in any of these gatherings on the district council level, please contact the County Ecumenical Officer

Other Local Groups

These communities also have ecumenical and church unity groups:

If you are in one of these groups and would like to share further information --- or if you are in a local group that we haven't mentioned yet, please contact the County Ecumenical Officer. We'd love to celebrate your group! 

Blue and red logo of a cross on a boat in front of the sun, with the words "Churches Together"

Start a Local Group 

Maybe you want to start --- or restart --- a group in your community. The key is to start small! You don't need an elaborate structure. What you need are relationships

Invite someone from another church for tea and conversation. Share what you're dreaming about. Pray together. 

Learn more about starting a group. Churches Together in England provides Tips and Advice for How to Get Started Locally. You may also want to check out A Flexible Framework for Local Unity in Mission.  

Contact us for further assistance. We can strategise with you on how to start small and build from there.