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International Stories

Celebrating Church Links around the World

Christians across Cambridgeshire are invited to gather for a unique storytelling event on Thursday, 29 February 2024 at 6:30pm at Bar Hill Church

The evening will highlight a number of international links, including Churches Together in Cambridgeshire’s 30+ year link with Vellore in the Church of South India. 

Together we will explore ecumenical approaches to mutual learning, ministry, and mission. 

If your church is involved in an international link, please email We’d love to hear your story!  

International Stories: Celebrating Church Links around the World. Thursday, 29 February 2024. 6:30pm at Bar Hill Church. Hosted by Churches Together in Cambridgeshire.
Vellore Cambridgeshire Ecumenical Link with picture of holding hands

Vellore / Cambridgeshire Link

Churches Together in Cambridgeshire continues to celebrate the mutual learning and friendship enabled by this partnership. 

Cambridgeshire Ecumenical Council

The Cambridgeshire Ecumenical Council is a gathering of area representatives from a number of organisations and church denominations. 

Our purpose is to support, resource and enable Christian ministry, through the co-operation and partnership of Christian organisations and church denominations. Examples of some of the groups represented are the Methodist Church, Church of England, Catholic Church, Baptist churches, United Reformed Church, Society of Friends and Salvation Army.

If you would like to see your church, ministry or mission organisation represented, or you think we can support and resource your work, please contact our County Ecumenical Officer at

Local Ecumenical Partnerships come in a variety of forms, but each is a situation where more than one Christian denomination is working together under a formal agreement. Generally, there are six categories of LEP. These are:

We support a number of Local Ecumenical Partnerships in our area. More information about these churches can be found on our Local Ecumenical Partnerships page.

There are a number of Churches Together Groups in the area that we cover.  They are all autonomous and each has a particular history of its own, shaped by the place and people who form it. Activities include services and discussion groups, conferences and events, and a wide variety of ways in which service is offered to the local community eg food banks, street pastors, youth work, lunch clubs, festivals, night shelters, chaplaincy etc.

Part of our role is to support and encourage these groups as part of their ecumenical journey. More information about the groups that we work alongside can be found on our Churches Together page.

Ecumenical networks are recognisable groups of people who share an activity or interest and who benefit from contact with one another.

Part of our role is to support and encourage a number of these networks within the county as part of their ecumenical journey. More information about the groups that we work alongside can be found on our Ecumenical Networks page