Ecumenical Networks


Association of Church Accountants and Treasurers

ACAT is truly ecumenical providing help and advice to all Christian churches and organisations without undermining the authority of any church. ACAT aims to offer a coordinated approach endeavouring to bridge the perceived gap between the needs and understanding of ordinary treasurers and the complexity of legislation, by providing advice as well as access to professional expertise. Training and support is offered in the form of a regularly updated handbook, quarterly newsletters, an advice line and training courses in the form of Foundation Courses, Workshops & Seminars. These take place at various locations around the country throughout the year.

Cambridge Workplace Chaplaincy

Cambridgeshire Workplace Chaplaincy cooperates with other organisations to promote chaplaincy services across Cambridgeshire.

More details of the organisation can be found on their website. They also have Twitter page that is regularly updated. You can access their latest newsletter from their website.

The chaplaincy service have now launched a new facebook page.

International and Social Affairs Christian Network

Its main purpose is to to keep Churches in Cambridge aware and informed about issues and activities in the field of international and social affairs. The network meet at Wesley Methodist Church in Cambridge every two months. They often have a guest speaker to present, and take questions on, various subjects such as: poverty, the real living wage, modern slavery.

If you would like to become involved, or receive more information about the network, please contact us via our webform.

We recently carried out a review of the ISACN network. Members of the network can access a copy of this review here. If you can not access this report, and are a member of the network, please contact us via our webform to request access.