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Churches Together in England

One in Christ Jesus, engaged in God’s mission, empowered by the Spirit 

Churches Together in England is the national ecumenical instrument supporting and encouraging churches from a wide range of traditions to work together in unity.

Their vision is to create the space in which fruitful collaboration and mutual understanding can grow, so that we as churches work more closely together in our great task of sharing in God’s mission and making the gospel of Christ known in our nation.

Learn more on the Churches Together in England website

Neighbouring Churches Together 

Churches Together in England contains a number of intermediate bodies like Churches Together in Cambridgeshire. An Intermediate Body is a county-wide group that forms a bridge between local groups and Churches Together in England. Our neighboring intermediate bodies are Churches Together in Shire and Soke (which includes Peterborough), Churches Together in Suffolk, Churches Together in Hertfordshire, and Churches Together in Norfolk and Waveney

Blue and red logo of a cross on a boat in front of the sun, with the words "Churches Together in England"
Hexagon filled with green, blue, and yellow triangles, the logo of Cambridgeshire Workplace Chaplaincy

Cambridgeshire Workplace Chaplaincy

Cambridgeshire Workplace Chaplaincy promotes workplace chaplaincy in the county. They support new and existing workplace chaplains across Cambridgeshire.

Workplace Chaplaincy is about looking after the pastoral and spiritual needs of anyone in a work setting (including those in self-employment) who may find the presence of a chaplain helpful, whether to talk about personal issues, employee or management challenges or their spiritual quest.

To learn more, visit the Cambridgeshire Workplace Chaplaincy website and their Facebook page.

Gather Movement

The Gather Movement is a church unity movement that seeks social, cultural, and spiritual transformation in a city. It is working to organise a Cambridgeshire Movement 4 Recovery (M4R) by engaging local church leaders in the combined authority area of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. 

The Gather Movement is working with Churches Together in Cambridgeshire to organise ecumenical gatherings in each of the seven local authorities. 

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large letters "acat" followed by small letters "association of church accountants and treasurers"


Association of Church Accountants and Treasurers

ACAT provides help and advice to all Christian churches and organisations without undermining the authority of any church.  ACAT aims to offer a coordinated approach endeavouring to bridge the perceived gap between the needs and understanding of ordinary treasurers and the complexity of legislation, by providing advice as well as access to professional expertise.  Training and support is offered in the form of a regularly updated handbook, quarterly newsletters, an advice line and training courses in the form of Foundation Courses, Workshops & Seminars. These take place at various locations around the country throughout the year.